Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I will keep my mouth shut from now onwards!

Glad that i have this little corner of mine to let me vent out my frustration, upset-ness, angry-ness as well as share my happiness.

Today, i got no clue what trigger the fire between me and my boss. All started with, i drop him an email telling him i will be working from another office. All these while, he is ok if we were to work from another office. But today...i receive an sarcastic email from him saying that if i am having intention to move to new job, then we do not need to talk about this. HUH? What? Talk what??

So i get piss off and replied his email saying that as of now, i have NO intention to move on to any new job, BUT, if he wants me to move out from his team, then i am OK! And instead of confronting me, he spoke to another manager of him and that manager become our messenger and break the ice and put off the fire between me and my boss. So i called my boss per his request, and he apologies to me saying he gets frustrated over on other issue, and not on me, and he doesn't mean to send out that email....Well, what can i do. I just say "ok". For those who know mandarin, 覆水难收 (spilled water can't be collected back), and whatever that said out which hurt people, no matter how many sorryssssssssss you said, it's still there. I told myself no point cried over spilled milk. ok...life move on...

In the afternoon, got an email from boss asking all of us to do some update. And the busy body me told him that actually we have one file in our shared folder. And for don't know what reason, he want to grumble on me to another person, he typed the message in my IM screen. The message doesn't seems to me, it sounds like he is typing to someone and saying that i always give negative feedback when he ask us to do something. Oh well well..lesson learn in hard way, NEVER and EVER be BUSY BODY. But, to be professional, i act as if i don't see the message and act dumb and offer help to consolidate the data for him.

And at this moment, when i get time to sit down and think over what happened on me today, i feel it's time for me to move on. Since he sees the messages from me at negative way, no point for me to keep working with him, the trust is not there anymore. I recalled back...i offer my help to consolidate data for him few times, and this is what i get in return. This is what he think about me. Why can't he put thing at positive way. When i told him we have data in shared point, why can't he just ask me whether are those data up to date? Why he needs to think that i refuse to do for him? Sometimes when he ask us to do some update, i will ask for a standard format, so that all of us in sync, so probably i am too busy body and he thought i reluctant to do and ask for excuses. I can't understand him. Maybe this is our communication gap or we are not meant to work together.

And from today onwards, i will keep QUIET and do whatever thing he wants WITHOUT asking for more info. I feel upset, down, frustrated, helpless, hopeless......but glad that i have 2 sweetheart at home to cheer me up. Both of them are in their lala-land. Gosh, today is mid-autumn festival and it's raining heavily out there, see, GOD also cry for me. Thank you GOD, at least u hear me!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My recent online purchase

An ex-colleague of mine introduced this site to me, and recently i bought 3 items from iPerfect Fashion, love them so much. I also do my online clothes shopping with Ocean Boutique, and this site also being introduced by a friend of mine. Love those items that i purchase from this site too.

I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND these 2 sites to all my fellow friends. Both sites has good customer service.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary

Time flies.....has been dating with him for almost 12 yrs and legally married for 6 yrs!!
Happy 6th Anniversary to me and my dearest Bb!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A bad lunch at Waka City Bayview

I attended training at town area and decided to go to Waka in City Bayview hotel for lunch. Previosuly, Waka is at Rasa Sayang hotel, however, the hotel was closed for upgrade, as such, Waka moved to City Bayview hotel. Ever since the moved, hubb told me the food quality is no longer there, but i would like to try it myself before i can conclude anything.

It has been a while i wanted to go to Waka for lunch, but somehow, never make it..until last month when i attended training at town area, we went there for lunch. First time step into the restaurant, was kinda vacant, never mind...so we sat down and order our food. Food quite nice, and when we made payment, the lady told us about their promotional set lunch instead of normal set lunch. What a dang..the waitress NEVER tell us about the promotion set lunch which as ramen as one of the choice. So we decided to give Waka another visit when we had our training this week.

Second visit, reached the restaurant around 12 noon, when the waitress served us, again, she didn't mention about the promotional set lunch until we asked. So we ordered 2 sets of tepanyaki beef and one spicy ramen. Waiting waiting waiting...has been more than 30 mins, then only i see the so called chef walk out from the kitchen, start to do our tepanyaki. I am not sure that guy is the chef or part time chef.....

So wait wait and wait..finally we see waitress walk out from kitchen with one claypot. And guess what, she served the other table which come later than us. One of my friend was pissed off and call the waitress, and the waitress pretend not hearing her and my friend need to raise her voice then only the waitress come to our table. My friend asked why the lady being served before us, and the waitress told us that they call in advance to do their booking. And the waitress didn't even apologies with my friend for not responding to her call. Well, yes..the other lady call to book in advance, but we waited for so long, so even though the 2 ramens being brought out from kitchen with less than 1 minute apart, to me, i feel they should serve us before the other lady. When we waited for our food, we hardly see ANY waitress in the restaurant, don't know where they hide themselves, and i even need to request for green tea refill. *thought this should be done automatically right?*

ok, here come our beef. First bite, COLD, second bite..it's as hard as WOOD. Eat the rice, it's as hard as uncooked rice. So continue to eat until i can't stand anymore, my gum was so pain, the beef is so hard. And for the first time, i decided not to finish my food. I am not very fussy when come to food, those who know me, can tell from my size, right? LOL! But this time, i really dissapointed with the beef, so i only forced myself to eat half of it.

We are late for the training, so quickly proceed to pay money, but again, waited and yelled, no one actually want to come to us. Fire on....at first i just want to let go...but while waiting, i think think and think..feel not willing to pay for the beef in full price. After about 3 minutes, i can see a human walking towards us and NO APOLOGIES for bad service. And the lady that attended to us is the lady that we want to complain!That lady is the one who ignore my friend. Duh!! And again, that lady seems has deaf ears and i was so mad and started to complain about the food.

M: Me; W: Waitress; F: Friend
F: Why when i called you just now and you ignore me, i called u so many times.
W: *the waitress again pretend not hearing my friend*
M: The beef is very hard, as hard as wood. This is the worst beef that i ever had, i call it WOOD instead of beef. And i don't think i should be charged the full price.
W: Oh...the beef still there?
M: i didn't finish mine, but she * i pointing to my other friend* finished hers.
W: Why didn't you guys inform us after we served the food?
M: huh? inform you and wait for another 30 mins ??
W: sorry, we have some problem with our kitchen crew.
M: well, don't tell me your problem. You should at least maintain the Waka Standard.
F: I see this Ms Phang from D*** ordering quite a number pax of food from Waka, do you want us to call this Ms Phang and tell her our bad experience?
W: What about if i give u 20% discount
M: Nope, i think i deserve more than 20%
W: So what do you think?
M: 50%
W: *paused for a while, must be cursing for my barbarian-ness* What about i don't charge your portion and i only charge your friends meal.
F: I only complain with the service , not on the food.
M: well, it's up to you. Net net, i feel disappointed with this so call Waka standard. Firstly, the beef is cold, secondly the beef is hard.

So at the end, we being charged 1 free tepanyaki beef, 80% for the other set beef tepanyaki and full price for the spicy ramen. I don't mean to ask for free meal but with that type of service attitude, i don't think it's worth of money. I don't think i will never go back to Waka for food again! Had super bad experience and the wooden beef make my gum so painful.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maybank oh Maybank!

I thought i am the only person who is so bad luck where my ATM card is faulty. But today when i went to Maybank in QBM, realized that i am not alone! Lots of Maybank ATM card holder face the same problem aka, the ATM card can't get processed by Maybank ATM machine!! However, i get a better treatment as compare to them.

I had problem with my ATM card for almost 3 mths, ** so long until i lost track**. First time, i wasn't able to withdraw money from Tesco ATM machine, so thought it's the problem with the machine. And before i make the conclusion, i slot my card into other bank's ATM machine to confirm my card isn't faulty, and yes...i am right, other ATM machine able to recognise my card and allow me to do the transaction. So wait wait wait...following week, try my luck at the same ATM machine in Tesco, also cannot. Then noticed that the person in front and behind me also unable to do any trasaction as well. So i make a conclusion ~ that ATM machine has problem and not yet fixed. Went to QBM's Maybank ATM machine, able to withdraw money. Then happy go shopping!

Next mth, again, die hard customer, went back to the same ATM machine in Tesco, SAME, cannot do any transaction. Went to QBM's Maybank ATM machine, also NOT able to withdraw money. A bit on fire. So went to QBM Maybank customer service to check, the lady very unfriendly and super unhelpful. She just use eraser to clean the chip on the ATM card and kept telling me there isn't anything wrong with my card. Hello, i also can tell that there isn't anything wrong with my card as my card is in super good shape and condition. And she told me, if i would like to have my card replace, i need to pay RM12..WHAT????? And if i go back to the bank where i have my open my account, i may get to waive for the charges. Since i open my account at the Bukit Jambul branch, so i went to the Maybak at i-Avenue. The front desk lady also tell me the same story, "nothing wrong with my card" and she asked me to try with their machine. To my surprise, i am able to withdraw money. So i checked with her, and according to her, nowadays Maybank is engaging third party to maintain all their ATM machines and not all ATM machines being well calibrated. Ok...fine..accept the explanation. And that lady doesn't want to replace my ATM card for me.

3rd mth, went to QBM Maybank ATM machine to withdraw money. WHAT??? Still unable! So fire burning and it's already after their wrking hour but since i see there's people in the bank, so i walked in and talked to one of a male officer. And ahem...with this, i apply some of my soft and barbarian skill, i told him my card doesn't allow my to withdraw money and tell him my story bla bla...this nice malay guy, he listened to me and help me to troubleshoot, and i pretend innocent and below is our conversation,
M: Me; O : Officer

M:My card can't be processed by the ATM machine.
O: Oh..what error message do you see?
M: It says something like "ask me to check with the bank"
O: oh....
M: Actually i have this problem for almost 3 mths...** then i bla bla bla with my story**
O: oh, ok ok, let me check your card for you *8so, tik tok tik tok, he punched in the card detail and do some checking for me" Hmm...there isn't any block at your card, everything seems fine.
M: but i can't withdraw money, if i want to replace my ATM card, do i need to pay?
O: yes, you need to pay RM12
M: huh? RM12...but u see, my card is in good shape and condition, nothing wrong...it's the Maybank ATM machine has problem**take opportunity to hentam **
O: But now everyone go home already, you come tomorrow and i replace for you
M: Then do i need to pay or not?
O: Nope, no need, i can do it for you FOC, but tomorrow i am not working
M: Eerrrm...then how?
O: Never mind, you wait for a while, i ask my colleague to settle it for you
M: ok ok, thanks, so FOC right?
O: Yes, will do it FOC for you.

yeah..happily walked to Sub Way and order "today's special" for myself and walked to Old Town Kopitiam to meet with hubb.

Voila...so simple, and i save RM12. Not that i don't have RM12, but i don't feel worth paying it. And today when i went there to get my card replace, i see at least 5 people coming in with sour face, saying their ATM card cannot get processed. And the customer service rep just tell them, "you need to replace your ATM card and pay RM12" and those people just agree to pay without any question. If you are Maybank ATM card holder and if your card not working (provided your card is in good shape) PLEASE DO NOT PAY for the card replacement charges. Stand on your own feet , be firm and insist them to replace it for you FOC! Apply some soft barbarian skill, ok! LOL!

And another lesson learn is, go to see a male officer rather than lady officer. They are more friendly, LOL!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My biggest fear for now...

Guess what...i'm being attacked by chicken pox virus on last Wed, which is also 4th day of CNY, what a day! Well, this wasn't that bad yet...the fear that i am having is, after i got to know that i had chicken pox and at the same time found out that my small little one, 16 mths old daughter yet to get her chicken pox vaccination, what a big DANG for me. So quickly, on last Thursday i send her for chicken pox vaccination, i know it's too late, but what else can i do? That's the only thing that i can do for her, and hoping she will not get the virus from me.

I tried to avoid contact with the 2 kids so much, but, the more u avoid, the more they will come to you. For both kids though. I really feel bad that i need to turn them down when they want to hug me or sometimes they just want to touch me, but i afraid that may broke the blister, so i wont let them touch me either. At night, usually i will let Kaitlyn sleep on my hand, she likes to request me to put my hand on the bed and she sleeps on it. But for these few days, i can't do so, i need to cover myself with the blanket like rice dumpling, then she will sleep on the blanket on top of me. Thank GOD, she is such an understanding girl, she doesn't make lots of fuss when she can't sleep on the same bed with me..however, middle of the night, she will move herself and sleep next to me. **slapped forehead**

As for Kelvin, since he can understand me better than his sister, so i told him i am having "bacteria" on my whole body, so he can't come near me, LOL! And he does whine at night, want me to sleep with him, but after i remind him about the "bacteria" story, he will go to his lala-land happily by himself.

I hope none of the kids will get infected by this chicken pox virus!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Soooo dissappointed with Jaya Jusco service

There was a sales at Jaya Jusco on last Saturday, 7th Nov and since we need to stock up diaper for Kaitlyn, so we went to Jusco after breakfast. We reached Jusco around 1130am, and straight i proceed to look for Mamy Poko L size. Look high and low, left and right, up and down, can't find any jumbo pack L size Mamy Poko. Get fed up already as this is not FIRST TIME i encouter such problem with Jaya Jusco. I will say 7 out of 10 times when they advertise there is sales of Mamy Poko, i will have hard time getting the size that i want.

It's only around 1130am, and the queue is already very long. So, i asked hubb to queue at the check out counter as the queue is very very long, and i went to Information counter to check with them what type of promotion they are having when i don't see any jumbo Mamy Poko being displayed on the shelf. The reception at information counter told me " I don't know, this is not my counter, you need to ask Mamy Poko promoter" I get even more angry and i told him i don't care whether he know what is happening or not, i want to talk with the manager on duty, then only he told me he will get the Mamy Poko promoter to come to information counter to talk to me. Waited for a while, no one come and i told him i am not going to stand there and wait, i don't have much time to fool around with them. And he even asked me to sit and wait...DUH!

After a while, here come the Mamy Poko promoter, she walk with window shopping style , look here and there, and come to approach me. When i told her i am looking for Mamy Poko L and XL size, she told me NO STOCK!!! WHAT??????? and she said only has size smaller than L and ask me whether i want it or not. (use brain ok...if my kids can wear M size, then what for i jump up and down to look for L size?) And i asked her whether will she restock the diapers later today? And she said " I tak tahu!" WHAT????????? Angry already la and i scolded her and tell her " if this is the case, you better don't advertise in newspaper saying u have sales of all range of Mamy Poko diapers", and i told her i really feel cheated by the advertisement , furthermore this is not the first time i can't find the diapers that i want on sales day. I really get very dissapointed with Jusco's service, and i really never expect such a customer experience from Jusco.

I remember once, Tesco having crazy sales on diapers and the size of diapers that i want is out of stock, the information counter lady is so nice that she take the trouble to check for me when the new stock will arrive.

So, i rather pay more and no more shopping at Jaya Jusco, unless i have no choice!

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